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Not-so-wily coyote found with head stuck in glass jar

A not-so-wily coyote found in Maple Ridge, B.C., with its head trapped in a glass jar has been freed by conservation officers.

Officer Chris Miller said the animal was spotted in a residential area near a ravine by both a passerby and a nearby resident and the B.C. Conservation Officer Service responded at approximately 10:30 a.m. PT Tuesday.

In a video published on social media by the service, officer Juliana Damert is shown using lotion to gently remove a large glass jar covering the animal’s entire face.

According to the social media post, officers tranquilized the coyote and poured water over the animal to keep it cool while the rescue took place:

A B.C. conservation officer removes a glass jar stuck on the animal’s head. 1:03

After the jar was removed, Damert is seen in the video checking the animal’s body for injuries.

According to Miller, the male coyote had some marks on its head from the jar but was in otherwise heathy condition.

The post says officers stayed to make sure the coyote regained mobility.

“He was doing well when we left,” said Miller.

He said officers cannot be certain how long the animal had the jar stuck on its head, but it could have been as long as a couple of days.

While the origin of the jar is a mystery, Miller said it’s possible the coyote was attracted to food residue inside the jar when it was left out for recycling pick up.

On average, the B.C. Conservation Officer Service receives approximately 1,100 reports regarding coyotes every year.

All encounters with coyotes that are aggressive or show a lack of fear of people and pets should be reported to the service at 1-877-952-7277.

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